"Pain is inevitable...Suffering is optional"   Haruki Murakami

Patient Information Regarding the COPE with Pain program.

Your physician has recommended a Health and Behavior Assessment by a specially trained Health Psychologist. This program follows an approach known as

COPE – Control Over Pain Effects

What is Health Psychology?

This specialized care of patients acknowledges the critical links between mind and body and the environment we live in to achieve the highest quality of pain management. There is a national trend for health psychologists to take a larger role in health care settings, along with a growing recognition that psychological services are essential in the treatment of the whole person. Health Psychology has become a vital force and specialty area in modern-day medical care, research and education, combining new psychosocial approaches with traditional medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Our psychologists work with patients to:

  1.        1- Promote patient coping/adjustment
    1.        2-Learn mind-body techniques to control and offset pain
  2.        3-Help patients with lifestyle changes that may be impacting their pain