"Pain is inevitable...Suffering is optional"   Haruki Murakami

Gate Control Theory of Pain Exercise

  • Introduction to Up Pain, Down Pain, Good Brain, Bad Brain

    This video explains how pain is generated in the area of the injury (UP PAIN) and then how the brain processes pain (DOWN PAIN). ‘Good Brain’ processes pain to keep us safe, but Bad Brain is when it becomes chronic and harmful.

Pain is like a Home Alarm System

  • Pain is like a Home Alarm System

    The pain system is like a home alarm system. This video will explain how pain creates alarms and ‘false alarms’.

Introduction to the Gate Control of Pain

  • The Gate Control of Pain

    There is a ‘Gate’ in the spinal cord between the pain site in the body and the brain. This gate can be open or closed based on the individual response to pain. This vide will show you how to close the gate.

Introduction to Cognitive Reframing

  • Introduction to Cognitive Reframing

    The way you think can open or close the ‘pain gate’ and ‘wind up’ or ‘wind down’ the stress arousal response that increased the way pain affects the brain and body. This video will introduce you to the cognitive reframing concept.

Introduction to Autogenic Training

  • Introduction to Autogenic Training

    When a person is exposed to chronic pain the brain ‘pain map’ grows, continuing to increase pain and decrease function. This video will introduce Autogenic Training as a method of exercising the brain to reverse this change.

Introduction to Mirror Therapy

  • Introduction to Mirror Therapy

    When a person is exposed to chronic pain the brain ‘pain map’ grows, and the immune system increases the pain nerve’s sensitivity. This video will introduce Mirror Therapy as another method of exercising the brain to reverse this change.

Right-Left Brain Training

  • Chronic pain can lead to the brain pain maps 'smudging' across the affected area of the body and creating pain in an area that had no injury. This is sometimes called 'migrating pain'. In order to overcome this we can exercise the right and left side of the brain. This exercise may assist with the effectiveness of mirror therapy. Click on this link and use this exercise daily.

Breathing Regulation

  • Breathing Regulation

    This video shows how to control breathing to regulate the physiology, including the brain’s FIGHT-FLIGHT response to pain.

Emotional Regulation

  • Emotional Regulation

    Pain 'lives' and gets amplified in the emotional brain. Regulation of the emotional centers of the brain by controlling breathing and exercising the thinking brain can lead to better pain control.


  • Opioids

    This video will introduce the effects of long term opioid use on the brain and the pain 'reward' system.