IMCS Services

COPE with Trauma Program

National Network of Health Providers in Psychology for Trauma\PTSD Evaluation and Treatment

Evaluation and treatments for employees who have been exposed to a workplace trauma

Benefits of using IMCS:

  • Centralized scheduling to IMCS national network of ~600 trauma psychologists.
  • Immediate critical incident debrief call made to employee.
  • Nationally standardized, supervised and evidence-based functional recovery treatment model.
    • Focus on symptom reduction, sleep and social normalization.
    • Systematic desensitization to trauma triggers.
    • Exposure therapy to the workplace.
  • Stay at Work\Return to Work status reports after each visit.
  • Continuous updates of treatment scheduling are provided.
  • Collaborative team conferences held regularly with the adjuster, case manager and return to work coordinators (*subject to ex parte rules).
  • Patients placed at MMI based on recovery from the trauma incident, with AMA Guides(i) based causality and apportionment embedded in all assessments and impairment ratings.

(i) AMA Guides is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

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